Sweet21Vape founded in San-Fransico California and by the CREAM All-Star Team. Sweet21Vape was created with a simple mission, “To craft high quality, tasteful and sweet e-liquids for the vaping world”.

Sweet21Vape is more than a premium e-liquid company. We are a lifestyle brand committed to excellence and improved quality of life by cultivating healthy business and consumer partnerships. We foster originality and innovation with each hand-crafted flavor.

Sweet21Vape has an enviable reputation for the quality and purity of its flavours. Years of experience and expert knowledge coupled with a passion for producing only the very best products keeps them ahead of the competition, and we are delighted to share a partnership with them. Customers can rest assured that they are receiving e-liquids that is manufactured in one of the most advanced production facilities in the industry and which are subject to the most stringent quality control procedures.

Our line of liquid represents fine craftsmanship in its purest, most evolved form. Innovative flavors, judiciously selected ingredients, and an uncompromising strive for perfection are the makings of a truly handcrafted “VAPE”. Try It! And you will be back for more!

Have Fun and Stay Safe!